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Can digital central bank currencies function as cash?

China To Roll Out Beta Version Of Its Digital Currency In 2021

Interoperability will determine CBDC winners and losers

Indian Government Reconsiders Banning Cryptocurrency: Report

Indian crypto industry reacts to ban proposal

India’s Proposed Crypto Ban Has Investors Nervous, May Feed Anti-Bitcoin Narrative

FCA bans the sale of crypto-derivatives to retail consumers

Christine Lagarde calls for global regulation of bitcoin

Chinese Bank Trials Digital Yuan Services at ATMs: Report

China moves closer to launch of world’s first sovereign digital currency

2021 Will See An Authoritative Global Registry For Digital Currencies

Bank of England announces new innovation oriented payments network

The US government is planning the creation of a Digital Dollar Wallet by 2021. Could this be the end of Bitcoin?

China to usher in a new digital renminbi era in 2021

EU will decide on digital euro in January 2021: ECB president

War on Cash: Chinese Digital Currency Gets a Boost

Last summer, the Chinese government launched a pilot program for a digital version of the yuan. The virtual currency ups the ante in the war on cash and creates the potential for the government to track and even control consumer spending. begins accepting China’s Digital Yuan

Central banks around the world are within reach of launching sovereign digital currencies, with the Bahamas — whose central bank launched its Sand Dollar beyond a pilot program in October this year — topping the chart. Perhaps most significant, however, is that of The People’s Bank of China, which has been researching a digital yuan since 2014. Today, China stands a chance of being the first major economy to introduce a sovereign digital currency.

Update on Digital Currencies: December 2020

In October, the People’s Bank of China held a lottery to distribute RMB10mn worth of its new digital currency to 50,000 people in Shenzhen. The European Central Bank recently published a comprehensive report examining the possible exploration and implementation of a “digital euro.” A report on CBDCs by the Bank for International Settlement on CBDCs was also recently published in conjunction with seven central banks.

Debate Rages on Whether a Digital Dollar Will Unleash Inflation

With record U.S. money printing failing to achieve much-needed economic stimulus, some observers now expect creation of a “digital dollar” central bank digital currency (CBDC) will not only speed payments to consumers but also spur inflation

Crypto lobby defends self-hosted wallets and P2P from rumored gov't crackdown

As everyone waits on new KYC and AML regulators, many speak out to keep unhosted wallets free of controls.

A New Bill Proposes to Put US Crypto Exchanges Under a National Framework

The Digital Commodity Exchange Act of 2020, introduced Thursday by Rep. Michael Conaway (R-Texas), seeks to create a federal definition of “digital commodity exchanges,” putting them in their own legal category and charging the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) with oversight.

Reserve Bank partners with Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Perpetual and ConsenSys Software on Wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency Research Project

The Reserve Bank today announced that it is partnering with Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Perpetual and ConsenSys Software, a blockchain technology company, on a collaborative project to explore the potential use and implications of a wholesale form of central bank digital currency (CBDC) using distributed ledger technology (DLT). This is part of ongoing research at the Reserve Bank on wholesale CBDC.

This Regulator Wants to Help Banks Embrace Cryptocurrency

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency hopes more guidance from the regulator would help ease banks’ concerns about the new financial technology.

Saudi Arabia, UAE Leaders Confirm Plans to Launch Digital Currency

The project was officially unveiled earlier this year and named Aber.

The leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) confirmed that the two countries would initiate the development of a digital currency.

BCB established study group on issuance of central bank digital currency

With technological innovations, the Brazilian Payment System has been digitized progressively. However, the Brazilian currency, the Real, remains materialized in banknotes and metal coins, despite the domestic growing of electronic payments — given the evolution of mobile device and communication technology in particular. Therefore, there is no digital representation of the Brazilian currency so that our citizens may access and thus handle their money electronically. In mid-August 2020, Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) created a study group, which objective is to study central bank digital currency (CBDC) and evaluate the potential benefits and impacts of issuing the Brazilian Real in a digital format.

Uruguay’s e-Peso: How a Small Nation Built the World’s First CBDC

Government officials cite the increasing prominence of cashless societies in the modern world and the decline of physical currency. The Uruguayan CBDC initiative was meant to address both these problems, while also boosting the country’s image as a financial leader and innovator.

Bank of England develops infrastructure for digital pound

The Bank of England is developing a new settlement service with the capacity to support a potential future digital pound Sterling, according to reports.

The U.K. central bank has previously detailed its support for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and is currently in the process of redesigning its real-time gross settlement service.

The euro prepares for a digital makeover

Can paper money keep up in a world marked by a pandemic, extreme weather and rapid digitalization? The ECB has announced plans to develop an electronic form of Europe’s most used currency.

There are already counterfeit wallets of China’s digital yuan

China recently carried out its largest-ever pilot of the digital yuan in the southern tech hub of Shenzhen, which gifted 50,000 randomly selected people the virtual currency to use.

The Future of Digital Yen

The Bank of Japan has announced plans to begin trials next fiscal year on a central-bank issued digital currency (CBDC). Such currencies have recently become a major focus of central banks around the world. China is considering issuing a digital yuan by the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Inside Russia’s Plans For a Digital Ruble

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has announced plans to introduce a “digital ruble” as an alternative to cryptocurrencies, which are banned in the country.

The Riksbank to test technical solution for the e-krona

The Riksbank is conducting a pilot project with Accenture aimed at developing a proposal for a technical solution for an e-krona. The objective is to create, in an isolated test environment, a digital krona that is simple and user-friendly. The technical solution will be based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), often referred to as block-chain technology. The main aim of the pilot is for the Riksbank to increase its knowledge of central bank-issued digital krona.

US Federal Reserve Actively Working on Digital Dollar

The Federal Reserve Board of Governors and several Federal Reserve Banks are actively working on the digital dollar. Legislation has proposed that each American could have an account at the Fed for transacting in the central bank digital currency.

Brazil Says Central Bank Digital Currency Set For 2022 Rollout

The race toward central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) is tightening, with Brazil reportedly looking to launch one by 2022 in a bid to help digitize payments. And although it’s not a winner-take-all competition, central banks first out of the gate might prove instructive to those who follow — particularly when it comes to new use cases or the goal of democratizing banking and digital payments

The Crypto Firms Collaborating on a Swiss Franc Stablecoin

Stablecoins, digital tokens pegged one-to-one to the Swiss franc (CHF) in this case, are a prime example. SEBA Bank and Sygnum Bank, the two B2B players that hold banking licenses from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority and that specialize in digital assets, are both involved in stablecoin explorations, as is the country’s respected crypto conglomerate, Bitcoin Suisse.

Digital Wallet

Enable outstanding closed loop/open loop digital money experiences to your customers with our Digital Wallet as-a-Service API-based solution.

A message from Coinbase about crypto market rallies

With Bitcoin soaring to new record highs and institutional interest accelerating, the world’s best known cryptocurrency exchange – Coinbase Global – has announced that it has begun the process for an IPO.


Zac Prince, founder and CEO of BlockFi said: “BlockFi is excited to add credit cards to our suite of products and expand Bitcoin’s accessibility to a broader set of consumers.”